Robin Reed

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Professor of Cell Biology

Department of Cell Biology
Harvard Medical School
240 Longwood Avenue, LHRRB - 501
Boston, MA 02115

617-432-1784 (lab)
Research Areas: 

Robin Reed, Ph.D. became a Professor of Cell Biology in 2000. She received her Ph.D. in Molecular biology at Yale University and carried out postdoctoral studies at Harvard University (Cambridge).

Research in the Reed Lab focuses on pre-mRNA splicing and mRNA export as well as numerous other aspects of RNA metabolism. Both the basic biology and disease states are examined in the lab. These diseases include ALS, blood cancers and familial dysautonomia. We use both in vitro and in vivo systems for transcription, splicing and other steps of gene expression. We also use CRISPR editing of human embryonic stem cells, proteomics, RNA-seq and other molecular approaches to understand the biology of gene expression and to identify potential therapeutics for the associated diseases.