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For the 2021 year and beyond, the Cell Biology Research Scholars Program (CRSP) will be working with the Harvard SHURP program to place students in Cell Biology labs. 

Students seeking on-campus research internships are encouraged to apply to SHURP via the Leadership Alliance.

CRSP will be organizing a summer Online Workshop in Experimental Design.  If you would like to be considered for this program, they please apply as instructed below.

Application materials

1. Letter of intent from the applicant*

Letters should outline why attending an HMS summer minicourse on this topic would be of value. Letters should be a maximum of 2 pages, using single-spaced, 11-point Arial or Times New Roman font.

2. Curriculum vitae and biography

Your current CV should include:

  • educational background with all relevant undergraduate coursework completed to date
  • cumulative GPA (major and non-major)
  • extracurricular academic and leadership activities
  • employment history (if any)
  • contact information (phone and email) of 3 references
  • a one paragraph, personal biography
  • a photograph to aid your interviewer

Submission process:

Generate a single PDF file containing your letter of intent and your CV/biography. PDF file name should contain your last name, your first name, and submission year separated by underscores (e.g. franklin_rosalind_2020.pdf, einstein_albert_2020.pdf). Submit your application HERE. Applications are due by February 15, 2021.

Program Logistics:

Schedule for the new, online workshop-style course in experimental design for Summer 2021 is not yet available. Please check back for this information.