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Date and Time Event Category Location Speaker Talk Title
Wed, 06/01/2016 - 3:30pm Cell Bio Seminar Goldenson 122 George J Murphy, PhD Pluripotent stem cell modeling of human disease
Tue, 06/21/2016 - 12:30pm Cell Bio Seminar Goldenson 122 David M Smith, PhD The proteasome: an allosteric machine that is corrupted by a common oligimer in neurodegenerative diseases
Mon, 07/18/2016 - 1:00pm Cell Bio Seminar Goldenson 122 Christian Schlieker, PhD Molecular insights into the etiology of nuclear envelopathies: implications for protein quality control and cholesterol metabolism
Tue, 10/11/2016 - 9:00am to Wed, 10/12/2016 - 3:30pm
Annual Cell Bio Retreat Sea Crest Beach Hotel, North Falmouth, MA