• Cell Biology department at the annual retreat, Cape Cod, Massachusetts - October 12, 2016

  • Images courtesy of Talley Lambert, PhD (Cell Biology Microscopy Facility)

  • Andrew Dillin, PhD, UC Berkeley, 2016-2017 Cell Biology Seminar Series 

  • The Cell Biology Research Scholars Program is a Harvard University summer internship for undergraduate students with a passion for scientific discovery and fundamental biology.
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Positions Available

Research Associate

The Department of Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School is seeking a highly skilled scientist to join the Cellular Dynamics and Neurodegeneration Initiative. The Research Associate will work with a team of scientists who are seeking to build an integrative platform for understanding cell biological processes that are implicated in disease.

The job responsibility will include but not limited to: mammalian cell culture, PCR, molecular cloning, DNA and RNA extraction, DNA sequence ...Read more >>

Recent Awards & Achievements

News - 01/18/2017 - 10:33am

Joan Brugge awarded 2016 American Cancer Society Medal of Honor
Joan Brugge

Joan Brugge was awarded the American Cancer Society Medal of Honor for Basic Research for her influential contributions to the identification of the protein encoded by the Src oncogene, as well as elucidating the fundamental aspects of events involved in the initiation and progression of cancer. The Medal of Honor is awarded to those who have made the most valuable contributions and impact in saving more lives from cancer through ...Read more >>

Latest Research

News - 01/26/2017 - 8:51am

Shao et al. show how new tail-anchored membrane proteins are given protected time for biosynthesis before being degraded
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Protein biosynthesis and quality control must be precisely balanced to give new proteins an opportunity to mature before degrading failed intermediates that can cause disease. New work from Shao et al., published in Science, shows how a complex of three chaperones (TRC40, BAG6, and SGTA) triages a class of membrane proteins ...Read more >>

News - 12/11/2016 - 9:23pm

Team from the Nikon Imaging Center at HMS provides a comprehensive review of super-resolution microscopy
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In a recent article in the Journal of Cell Biology, Jennifer Waters & Talley Lambert from the Nikon Imaging Center (NIC@HMS) review the current practical limitations and compromises that must be made when designing a super-resolution microscopy experiment. They also provide information and resources to help biologists navigate through ...Read more >>

News - 12/01/2016 - 9:45am

Shi Lab finds that the PRC2 associated protein EPOP/C17orf96 pays a dual role in gene regulation and may contribute to cancer
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Gene regulatory networks are pivotal for many biological processes. In mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs), the transcriptional network can be divided into three functionally distinct modules: Polycomb, Core, and Myc. The Polycomb module represses developmental genes, while the Myc module is associated with proliferative functions, and its mis-regulation is linked to cancer development. New work from the ...Read more >>