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Cell Biology Research Areas

Our faculty mentors and their research fall into the following research areas of interest. Each topic is listed with a brief summary of the topic area below.

Physiology and Metabolism

Labs focused on physiology and metabolism seek to understand how nutrients are delivered to cells and are metabolized from food into energy. Understanding the molecular and cellular process underlying this metabolic process that relate messages from the environment to cells is also of great importance. This has significant implications on the way we understand how the food we eat impacts our bodies and health.

Cellular and Molecular Mechanism

Labs focused on cellular and molecular mechanisms seek to understand how the basic biology of our cells work. This includes studying the processes taking place during the lifetime of a protein, from synthesis, to delivery, to function, and degradation and the regulation behind each. Cutting edge research is being done to identify protein structures at high resolution and to relate these structures to function. Additionally, understanding the mechanics behind the cell cycle and implications of errors is of great significance for human health.

Neurobiology and Behavior

Labs focused on neurobiology and behavior seek to investigate how organisms are able to sense and respond to their environment. Understanding how these neural networks are constructed during development and the regulation required for maintaining them is also a central research focus. Additionally, some labs further are interested in how neurobiology relates to behavior by investigating what happens when errors in nervous systems arise.