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The Kirchhausen Lab is seeking a highly motivated individual to carry out lab management and assist with experimental research in Dr. Tom Kirchhausen laboratory at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Kirchhausen laboratory investigates the mechanisms that govern intracellular vesicular traffic, biogenesis of organelles and host-virus interactions.

This position provides an excellent opportunity to combine technical/scientific and administrative responsibilities. It is suited for an individual who seeks experience running a laboratory and supporting research projects. The selected individual will have the primary responsibility for ensuring that the lab operates in an efficient and organized manner.This position also requires the ability to design and execute experiments, generation and analysis of data, demonstrated knowledge of mammalian tissue culture including production of cell lines and basic molecular biological techniques.  Proper data recording and bookkeeping, as well as ability to maintain laboratory stocks and management of general laboratory supplies are essential. Oral and written presentation of research performed in the laboratory is expected for internal reports.

General Summary

Perform Laboratory administration and research duties.


Principal duties and Responsibilities

Laboratory administration duties

(1) Provide administrative oversight of general laboratory duties assigned to laboratory members including maintaining low and high speed centrifuges, pH meter, nanodrop spectrophotometer, water purification apparatus, and safety hood.

(2) Perform inventory administration, including maintenance and weekly update of the database containing all laboratory reagents and cell-bio bank.

(3) Provide administrative oversight of tissue-culture room usage, coordination of monthly cleanup and weekly mycoplasma testing.

(4) Serve as Assigned Safety Officer for the lab.

(5) Perform orientation and instruction of new laboratory research members.

(6) Maintain instrumentation and coordinate with suppliers to repair or replace faulty laboratory equipment.


Laboratory research duties – See over

(7) Independent execution of experimental studies, after experiments have been designed jointly with the PI; initial analysis of results, followed by discussion with PI; and further analysis and / or execution of new experiments in consultation with the PI, as needed. 

(8) Basic knowledge for tissue culture work required for the growth, expansion, maintenance and cryopreservation of mammalian cells using sterile conditions.

(9) Lentiviral transduction for protein production and/or siRNA knockdown to eliminate mRNA expression in cells.


Minimum Knowledge and Skills required by the Job

(1) Work requires the knowledge of theories, principles, and concepts typically acquired through completion of a Bachelor's or Master’s degree in biochemistry, biological science or a closely related field and 1 – 3 years experience involving the design and execution of experiments in a non-clinical / basic science research lab at a university or research hospital. 

(2) Proven experience must include the independent design and execution of experiments and lab administration. 

(3) Experience performing mammalian cell tissue culture and molecular biology techniques including DNA isolation, subcloning, PCR, and / or protein purification is essential. 

(4) Familiarity with fluorescence microscopy for fixed and live-cell real time visualization would be useful but not essential. Knowledge of computer and MS office software is required.


Certification, Registration, or Licensure required by the Job

No certification, registration or licensure required.


Physical Requirements of the Job

Work requires regularly reaching and grasping objects below shoulder level.

Work requires regularly grasping and fine manipulation with hands.

Work requires regularly proofreading and checking documents for accuracy.

Work requires regularly inputting/retrieving words or data into or from computer system.


Blood Borne Pathogen Category

No Potential Exposure. Job requires performance of duties that involve no potential for exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissues. Tasks that do involve exposure are not an expectation of employment.


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