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Past Events

Time: Thursdays, 12:30 PM
Location: Cannon Room
Date Speaker Title Host
Sep 10, 2020 Brendan D Manning, PhD PI3K-mTOR Signaling and the Metabolic Control of Cell Growth Wade Harper
Jun 25, 2020
Joanna Wysocka, PhD Cancelled (COVID-19) Juntao Yu (Moazed Lab)
Jun 18, 2020
Brendan Manning, PhD Cancelled (COVID-19) Wade Harper
Jun 11, 2020
Alex Schier, PhD Cancelled (COVID-19) Davie Van Vactor
Jun 08, 2020
Pardis Sabeti, MD Cancelled (COVID-19) Kevin Struhl (BCMP)
May 28, 2020
Navdeep Chandel, PhD Cancelled (COVID-19) Ed Chouchani
May 21, 2020
Lynne Maquat, PhD Cancelled (COVID-19) Richard Gregory (BCMP)
May 14, 2020
Karolin Luger, PhD Cancelled (COVID-19) Danesh Moazed
May 07, 2020
Steve Henikoff, PhD Cancelled (COVID-19) Kevin Struhl (BCMP)
Apr 30, 2020
Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado, PhD Cancelled (COVID-19) Spyros Artavanis-Tsakonas
Apr 23, 2020
Scott Blanchard, PhD Cancelled (COVID-19) Sun Hur (BCMP)
Apr 16, 2020
Carlos Bustamante, PhD Cancelled (COVID-19) Danesh Moazed
Apr 09, 2020
Genevieve Almouzni, PhD Cancelled (COVID-19) Karen Adelman (BCMP)
Apr 02, 2020
Vanessa Ruta, PhD Cancelled (COVID-19) Steve Liberles
Mar 26, 2020
Anja Groth, PhD Cancelled (COVID-19) Karen Adelman (BCMP)
Mar 19, 2020
Mina Bissell, PhD Cancelled (COVID-19) Fred Goldberg
Mar 12, 2020
Robert Tijan, PhD Cancelled (COVID-19) BCMP Trainee Committee
Feb 27, 2020 Ben Garcia, PhD Quantitative Proteomics for Understanding Cancer Epigenetics Phil Cole (BCMP)
Feb 24, 2020
Vishva Dixit, MD Shedding light on Ubiquitin Modification in Neurodegeneration and Cancer Fred Goldberg
Feb 13, 2020 Eranthie Weerapana, PhD Chemical-proteomic strategies to investigate reactive cysteines Sara Buhrlage (BCMP)
Feb 06, 2020 Hongtao Yu, PhD Folding the Genome by Cohesin David Pellman
Jan 30, 2020 David Cortez, PhD Replicating damaged DNA: A new story about an ancient mechanism Johannes Walter (BCMP)
Jan 23, 2020 Olga Boudker, PhD Toward development of activators of glutamate transporters Maofu Liao
Jan 16, 2020 James Berger, PhD (Un?)structural mechanisms for initiating DNA Replication Steve Harrison (BCMP)
Jan 09, 2020 Heran Darwin, PhD Regulating the Regulation by the Pup-Proteasome System in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Dan Finley
Dec 12, 2019 Cori Bargmann, PhD Organizing behavior across timescales Tim Springer (BCMP)
Dec 05, 2019 Daniel Gerlich Mechanics of nuclear assembly Tomas Kirchhausen
Nov 21, 2019 Jin Zhang, PhD Illuminating the Biochemical Activity Architecture of the Cell Phil Cole (BCMP)
Nov 14, 2019 Brenda Schulman, PhD How a ubiquitin-like protein brings ubiquitylation to life Bob Farese
Nov 07, 2019
Jian Payandeh, PhD TBA Andrew Kruse (BCMP)
Oct 31, 2019 Julie Theriot, PhD Cooperation, Competition and Conviction in Decision-Making for Motile Cells Randy King
Oct 10, 2019 James Munro, PhD Single-molecule conformational-change imaging of viral glycoproteins labeled with non-canonical amino acids Tim Springer (BCMP)
Oct 02, 2019
Virginijus Šikšnys, PhD Mining CRISPR-Cas diversity: Cas9s and beyond Adrian Salic
Sep 26, 2019 Ning Zheng, PhD Targeting Ubiquitin Ligases: Themes and Variations Eric Fischer (BCMP)
Sep 19, 2019 Rachel Green, PhD Collided ribosomes function as a hub for the regulation of protein synthesis Susan Shao
Sep 12, 2019 Ailong Ke, PhD From Mechanism and Structural Insights to Applications for CRISPR-Cas3 Hao Wu (BCMP)
Jun 14, 2019
Karen Vousden, PhD Metabolic control of ROS and tumour progression Joan Brugge
Jun 06, 2019 David Eisenberg, PhD Reversible amyloid-like fibrils formed by the interactions of low-complexity protein domains Gerhard Wagner (BCMP)
May 30, 2019 Baljit Khakh, PhD Cells that Tile Your Brain: astrocyte roles in neural circuits Steve Liberles
May 23, 2019 Dario Alessi, PhD Control of Rab GTPases by the LRRK2 protein kinase Nathanael Gray (BCMP)
May 16, 2019 Anjana Rao, PhD TET methylcytosine oxidases, cell lineage specification and cancer Adrian Salic
May 09, 2019
Genevieve Almouzni, PhD TBA Karen Adelman (BCMP)
May 02, 2019 Juergen Knoblich, PhD Cerebral organoids: modelling human brain development and tumorigenesis in stem cell derived 3D culture John Flanagan
Apr 29, 2019 Cynthia Kenyon, PhD The Plasticity of Aging Kevin Struhl - BCMP
Apr 24, 2019
Christopher Vakoc Novel transcription factor dependencies in cancer BCMP Trainee Committee
Apr 11, 2019 John Diffley, PhD How our genomes are copied Johannes Walter (BCMP)
Apr 04, 2019
Karolin Luger, PhD TBA Danesh Moazed
Mar 28, 2019 Simon Boulton, PhD Single molecule analysis of homologous recombination Johannes Walter (BCMP)
Mar 21, 2019
Alex Schier, PhD TBA Davie Van Vactor
Mar 14, 2019 Demet Arac, PhD Cellular Communication via Adhesion Andrew Kruse (BCMP)
Mar 07, 2019 Manajit Hayer-Hartl, PhD Cellular Machineries for the Biogenesis and Condensate Formation of RuBisCO: the Most Abundant Protein in Nature Susan Shao
Feb 28, 2019 Cynthia Wolberger, PhD The role of H2B ubiquitination in histone methylation and nucleosome dynamics Phil Cole (BCMP)
Feb 21, 2019 Jack Szostak, PhD The Origin of Cellular Life Tom Rapoport
Feb 14, 2019 Chris Voigt, PhD Systematic Discovery of Molecules Produced by the Human Microbiome, and Engineered Microbial Interventions Jon Clardy/Sloan Devlin (BCMP)
Feb 07, 2019 Stephen Quake, PhD The Cell is a Bag of RNA Tomas Kirchhausen
Jan 31, 2019 Lori Passmore, PhD The end of the message: Mechanistic Insights into the mRNA poly(A) tail machinery Steve Buratowski (BCMP)
Jan 24, 2019 Nieng Yan, PhD How is electrical signal generated? Structural and mechanistic investigations of Nav channels Maofu Liao
Jan 17, 2019 Taekjip Ha, PhD DNA Biophysics in Chromatin Function & Cellular Mechanics Tim Springer (BCMP)
Jan 10, 2019 Thomas Langer, PhD Proteolytic control of mitochondrial plasticity Tobi Walther
Dec 20, 2018 Rudolf Jaenisch, PhD Stem cells and epigenetic regulation in development and disease Danesh Moazed
Dec 13, 2018 Agnel Sfeir, PhD Maintaining our genomes: nuclear and mitochondrial Joe Loparo (BCMP)
Dec 06, 2018 Mark Krasnow, MD, PhD Lung stem cells, their niches, and cancer at single cell resolution Steve Liberles
Nov 15, 2018 Tony Hunter, PhD New signal transduction targets in cancer therapy Fred Goldberg
Nov 01, 2018 Kikue Tachibana-Konwalski, PhD How the Genome is Reorganized during Zygotic Reprogramming to Totipotency David Pellman
Oct 03, 2018
Bernd Bukau, PhD The busy life of nascent chains revealed by ribosome profiling: how newly synthesized proteins make it to the native state Wade Harper
Sep 27, 2018
Jonathan Weissman, PhD TBA Steve Blacklow (BCMP)
Sep 20, 2018 Hiten D Madhani, MD, PhD Musings on the mesmerizing mystery of the missing methylase in a menacing meningitis microbe Yang Shi
Jun 21, 2018 Diana Bautista, PhD Molecular mechanisms of itch, touch and pain. Stephen Liberles
Jun 07, 2018 Melina Schuh, PhD New insights into aneuploidy in mammalian oocytes Randy King
May 31, 2018 Benjamin F Cravatt, PhD Activity-based proteomics – protein and ligand discovery on a global scale Heeseon An (Cell Bio Trainee)
May 17, 2018 Lewis Kay, PhD Seeing the invisible by NMR spectroscopy: An application to p97 Gerhard Wagner - BCMP
May 10, 2018
TMEC Amphitheater
David Julius, PhD Natural Products as Probes of the Pain Pathway: Exploiting Toxins to Understand Gut Feelings Tomas Kirchhausen
May 03, 2018 Hopi Hoekstra, PhD The genetic basis of parental care Kevin Struhl - BCMP
Apr 26, 2018 Huda Zoghbi, MD Equilibrium in the brain: Lessons from a balance disorder Spyros Artavanis-Tsakonas
Apr 19, 2018 Michael Rape, PhD The other code: ubiquitylation and its roles in neuronal differentiation and survival Eric Fischer, PhD
Apr 12, 2018 Daniel Fletcher, PhD Mind the gap: Physical segregation of proteins at cell-cell interfaces Susan Shao
Apr 05, 2018
Michael Levitt, PhD TBA Steve Harrison - BCMP
Mar 29, 2018 Ruslan Medzhitov, PhD Cellular Ecology Adrian Salic
Mar 22, 2018 Patrick Cramer, PhD Transcription of the genome – from molecular movies to regulatory systems Sun Hur - BCMP
Mar 15, 2018 James Haber, PhD Stability and Instability in the Repair of a Broken Chromosome Johannes Walter - BCMP
Mar 08, 2018 Carolyn Bertozzi, PhD Targeting glyco-immune checkpoints for cancer therapy Robert Farese & Tobias Walther
Mar 01, 2018 Fred Hughson, PhD Chaperoning SNARE assembly to control membrane fusion Susan Shao
Feb 22, 2018 David Agard, PhD Protein folding as an allosteric strategy: the yin and yang of chaperone-mediated client activation BCMP Trainee Committee
Feb 15, 2018 Gabriel Waksman, FMedSci, FRS Structural and molecular biology of type IV secretion systems in Gram-negative bacteria Tom Rapoport
Feb 08, 2018 Kathrine Henzler-Wildman, PhD NMR insights into the transport mechanism of the small multi drug efflux pump, EmrE Steve Blacklow - BCMP
Feb 01, 2018 Ruth Lehmann, PhD Protecting Immortality: Germline Mitochondrial Inheritance and Function Davie Van Vactor
Jan 25, 2018 Alex Dunn, PhD Mechanosensing at cell-cell and cell-matrix adhesions Tim Springer - BCMP
Jan 18, 2018 Andrea Musacchio, PhD Reconstitution of (very small parts of) cell division Danesh Moazed
Jan 11, 2018
Anja Groth, PhD TBA Johannes Walter - BCMP
Dec 14, 2017 Elaine Ostrander, PhD Dog Genes Tell Surprising Tales: Genetic Origins and Diversity of Dog Breeds Kevin Struhl - BCMP
Dec 07, 2017 John A G Briggs, PhD Determining the structures of coated vesicles and enveloped viruses “in situ" using Cryo-electron tomography Maofu Liao
Nov 30, 2017 John Lis, PhD Dissecting Molecular Mechanisms of Transcription & Its Regulation In Cells Karen Adelman - BCMP
Nov 16, 2017 Arshad Desai, PhD New Horizons for the Chromosome Segregation Machinery David Pellman
Nov 09, 2017 Tracy Handel, PhD Structure, Activation and Inhibition of Chemokine Receptors Andrew Kruse - BCMP
Nov 01, 2017
Kikue Tachibana-Konwalski, PhD How the Genome is Reorganized during Zygotic Reproramming to Totipotency David Pellman
Oct 25, 2017
Alex Stark, PhD Decoding Transcriptional Regulation in Drosophila Karen Adelman - BCMP
Sep 28, 2017 Sean Brady, PhD Watch your step, there is new chemistry everywhere. Jon Clardy - BCMP
Sep 14, 2017 William Sellers, MD Linking the discovery of cancer vulnerabilities to therapeutic development Steve Blacklow - BCMP
Sep 07, 2017 Abby Dernburg, PhD Counting to One: Meiotic crossover control through a liquid crystalline interface between chromosomes Danesh Moazed
Jun 15, 2017 Dyche Mullins, PhD Heraclitus and the Cytoskeleton: Physics of self-assembling materials David Pellman
Jun 08, 2017 Sebastian Seung AI and the connectome BCMP - Trainee Committee
Jun 01, 2017 Tony Hyman, PhD biomolecular condensates, organizers of cellular biochemistry Tomas Kirchhausen
May 18, 2017 Sue Biggins, PhD Reconstituting kinetochore functions in vitro Danesh Moazed
May 11, 2017 Michael Yaffe Using Systems Biology of Signaling to Improve Cancer Treatment BCMP - Jean Zhao
May 04, 2017 Gia Voeltz, PhD Unraveling the mechanism of ER-associated organelle division Robert Farese
Apr 27, 2017 Karlene Cimprich The Causes and Consequences of Replication Stress BCMP - Johannes Walter
Apr 21, 2017
Friday 1:30 pm
Judith Frydman, PhD Proteostasis function and dysfunction: the delicate art of maintaining a healthy proteome Fred Goldberg
Apr 13, 2017 Lewis Cantley PI 3-Kinase and Cancer Metabolism BCMP - Jon Clardy
Apr 06, 2017 David Ron, MD Short-term regulation of protein folding homeostasis in the endoplasmic reticulum Susan Shao
Mar 30, 2017 Ron Breaker Discovering and Drugging Ligand-binding Riboswitches BCMP - Richard Gregory
Mar 23, 2017 Elena Conti, PhD The RNA exosome - ribosome connection: coupling the RNA degradation and translation machineries Tom Rapoport
Mar 16, 2017 Daniel Rosenbaum Structure-function of integral membrane receptors and transporters involved in human disease BCMP - Trainee Committee
Mar 09, 2017 Roy Parker, PhD RNP Granules in Health and Disease Wade Harper
Mar 02, 2017 K. Dane Wittrup Synergistic Innate and Adaptive Immunotherapy for Cancer BCMP - Andrew Kruse
Feb 23, 2017 Daniel Herschlag, PhD Adventures in the RNA World, Past, Present and Future Matt Sonnett
Feb 16, 2017 Adam Frost How do mitochondria divide? A fresh look at dynamin-family GTPases BCMP - Steve Blacklow
Feb 09, 2017
Arshad Desai, PhD New Horizons for the Chromosome Segregation Machinery David Pellman
Feb 02, 2017 Clifford Brangwynne RNA/protein droplets: Moving through intracellular phase space BCMP - Piotr Sliz
Jan 26, 2017 Andrew Dillin, PhD Orchestrating aging across a troubled soma Tobias Walther
Jan 12, 2017 Sjors Scheres, PhD How cryo-EM is revolutionising structural biology: the structure of human gamma-secretase as an example Maofu Liao
Jan 09, 2017
David Baker Post-Evolutionary Biology: Design of novel protein structures, functions and assemblies BCMP - Eric Fischer
Dec 15, 2016
Tim Jamison Synthesis Design Through the Lens of Flow Chemistry - How, When, and Why BCMP - Jon Clardy
Dec 01, 2016 Rama Ranganathan Protein mechanics: the link between structure, function and evolvability BCMP - William Shih
Nov 17, 2016 Pamela Bjorkman A Molecular Arms Race: The Immune System Versus HIV BCMP - Piotr Sliz
Nov 09, 2016
Michael Elowitz, PhD Design principles for signaling, memory, and cell state control pathways in mammalian cells Danesh Moazed
Nov 03, 2016 Jodi Nunnari, PhD Mitochondrial Behavior Nika Danial
Oct 27, 2016 Joseph (Jody) Puglisi The molecular choreography of translation BCMP - Andrew Kruse
Oct 06, 2016
11:30 am Seminar
Ardem Patapoutian, PhD How do you feel? Ion channels that feel the force Steve Liberles
Sep 29, 2016 Bryan Roth Structure-guided and structure-inspired GPCR drug discovery BCMP - Andrew Kruse
Sep 22, 2016 Dame Carol Robinson Mass spectrometry - its roles in structural biology and drug discovery Wade Harper
Sep 15, 2016 David Liu Protein Evolution and Engineering to Enable Biotechnology and Novel Therapeutics BCMP - Sloan Devlin
Jun 16, 2016 Dirk Görlich, PhD Transport selectivity of nuclear pore complexes Tom Rapoport
Jun 09, 2016 Anne Brunet, PhD Epigenetic and metabolic regulation of aging Yang Shi
Jun 02, 2016 Therapeutics Spring Symposium BCMP
May 23, 2016
Yamuna Krishnan, PhD DNA nanodevices to measure protein activity in vivo Jon Clardy BCMP
May 19, 2016 Andreas Martin, PhD Constructed to Deconstruct: The 26S proteasome as a coordinated degradation machine Fred Goldberg
May 12, 2016 Brian Shoichet, PhD Structure-based discovery of new chemotypes with new GPCR phamacology Andrew Kruse BCMP
May 05, 2016 Eric Betzig, PhD Imaging Life at High Spatiotemporal Resolution Tom Kirchhausen
Apr 28, 2016 Michael Rosbash, PhD The Circadian Clock: Connections to Neuronal Function and RNA Kevin Struhl BCMP
Apr 21, 2016
Zhijian 'James' Chen, PhD The cGAS-STING pathway of cytosolic DNA sensing and its role in health and diseases Adrian Salic
Apr 14, 2016 Harry Noller, PhD RNA Mechanics and Translation Steve Harrison BCMP
Apr 07, 2016
Richard A. Flavell, PhD Junying Yuan
Mar 31, 2016 Leslie Vosshall, PhD Building a mosquito sensory system to hunt humans BCMP Trainee Committee
Mar 24, 2016 Christine Jacobs-Wagner, PhD Intracellular partitioning and patterning: Lessons from tiny cells David Pellman
Mar 17, 2016 Nahum Sonenberg, PhD Translational control of cancer and autism Gerhard Wagner BCMP
Mar 10, 2016 Eva Nogales, PhD Visualizing structure and function of large molecular assemblies by cryo-EM Maofu Liao
Mar 03, 2016 Ting Wu, PhD Space and Time: Chromosomes at super-resolution and a 300 year old mystery Jean Zhao BCMP
Feb 25, 2016 Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, PhD Navigating the cellular landscape through new imaging technologies Tobi Walther & Bob Farese
Feb 18, 2016 Phil Sharp, PhD The functions of small and large non-coding RNAs in gene regulation Richard Gregory BCMP
Feb 11, 2016
Michael Elowitz, PhD Test-driving signaling, memory, and cell state control pathways in mammalian cells Danesh Moazed
Feb 04, 2016 Nenad Ban, PhD Beyond the prokaryotic ribosome: structural and functional insights into eukaryotic and mitochondrial ribosomes Piotr Sliz BCMP
Jan 28, 2016 Jared Rutter, PhD Mitochondria, Metabolism and Cellular Decisions: Entwined in Health and Disease Nika Danial
Jan 21, 2016 Taekjip Ha, PhD Mechanobiology at the Single Molecule Level Steve Blacklow BMCP
Jan 14, 2016 Anna Pyle, PhD The molecular mechanism of RNA detection by the RIG-I antiviral sensor: new insights into nanomechanical function and immune modulation Tom Rapoport
Jan 07, 2016 Angelika Amon, PhD The Causes and Consequences of Aneuploidy Johannes Walter BCMP
Dec 31, 2015 No Speaker Scheduled-Winter Break
Dec 24, 2015 No Speaker Scheduled-Winter Break
Dec 17, 2015 K. Christopher Garcia, PhD Tuning cell surface receptor signaling through ligand engineering: dimeric receptors versus GPCR Adrian Salic
Dec 10, 2015 Christine Mayr, MD, PhD Alternative 3'UTRs mediate protein-protein interactions and regulate protein localization and protein functions Steve Buratowski BCMP
Dec 03, 2015 Rick Young, PhD Control of Gene Expression Programs Joan Brugge
Nov 26, 2015 No Speaker Scheduled-Thanksgiving
Nov 19, 2015
Elena Conti, PhD Richard Gregory BCMP
Nov 12, 2015 Christopher D. Lima, PhD Ubiquitin-like proteins: From conjugation to recognition Wade Harper
Oct 29, 2015 No Speaker Scheduled-BCMP Retreat
Oct 22, 2015 Gerald Crabtree, MD Chromatin regulation: New methods and new concepts from the genomics of human disease Cell Biology Postdoc Committee
Oct 15, 2015 No Speaker Scheduled-Retreat
Oct 08, 2015 Jeannie Lee, MD, PhD X inactivation as a model for Epigenetic regulation by long Noncoding RNA Kevin Struhl BCMP
Oct 01, 2015 Gerd A. Blobel, MD, PhD Propagating transcriptional patterns through mitosis David Pellman
Sep 21, 2015
Karen Adelman PhD Controlling transcription elongation of coding and non-coding RNAs Richard Gregory BCMP
Sep 17, 2015 Pier Paolo Pandolfi, MD, PhD The Non-Coding RNA revolution in biomedical research Marcia Haigis
Sep 10, 2015 Bradley Bernstein MD, PhD Cancer stem cells and drug resistance mechanisms in glioblastoma Andrew Lassar BCMP
May 28, 2015 Bruce Beutler, M.D. Forward genetic analysis of mammalian immunity in real time Tom Rapoport (Cell Biology)
May 14, 2015 Jennifer A. Doudna, Ph.D. The world of CRISPRs: From biology to breakthrough technology Tom Rapoport (Cell Biology)
May 07, 2015 Wei Yang, Ph.D. Chemistry of DNA transactions Joseph Loparo (BCMP)
Apr 30, 2015 Edith Heard, Ph.D. Epigenetic mechanisms in development and disease: Lessons from the inactive X chromosome Danesh Moazed (Cell Biology)
Apr 23, 2015 Seth Darst, Ph.D. Structural studies of bacterial transcription Sun Hur (BCMP)
Apr 16, 2015 Gary Ruvkun, Ph.D. C. elegans surveillance of core cellular components to detect and defend pathogen attacks, real or imagined Junying Yuan (Cell Biology)
Apr 09, 2015 Michelle Wang, Ph.D. Single molecule mechanics - towards high throughput BCMP Trainee Committee
Apr 02, 2015 Ning Zheng, Ph.D. Driving protein deubiquitination with propellers Dan Finley (Cell Biology)
Mar 26, 2015 Robert H. Singer, Ph.D. Imaging the regulation of single mRNA molecules in living cells BCMP Trainee Committee
Mar 19, 2015 Michael K. Rosen, Ph.D. Physical mechanisms of cell organization on micron length scales David Pellman (Cell Biology)
Mar 12, 2015 Graham C. Walker, Ph.D. Translesion DNA Polymerases: From Cancer Chemotherapy to Bactericidal Antibiotics Joseph Loparo (BCMP)
Mar 05, 2015 Mark Von Zastrow, M.D., Ph.D. Endocytic membrane traffic and receptor-mediated cellular signaling Tom Kirchhausen (Cell Biology)
Feb 26, 2015 Job Dekker, Ph.D. Two ways to fold the genome Kevin Struhl (BCMP)
Feb 19, 2015 Gerald R. Crabtree, M.D. (CANCELLED) Chromatin regulation: New methods and new concepts from the genomics of human disease Firaz Mohamed Mohideen and Kaushik Ragunathan (Cell Bio Trainees)
Feb 05, 2015 Denise Montell, Ph.D Life, death, and resurrection at the cellular level Joan Brugge (Cell Biology)
Jan 29, 2015 Judith Campisi, Ph.D. Cancer and aging: Rival demons? Andrew Lassar (BCMP)
Jan 22, 2015 Scott Emr, Ph.D. Sorting out membrane traffic: Ubiquitin-mediated membrane protein quality control and sorting systems Wade Harper (Cell Biology)
Jan 15, 2015 Robert T. Sauer, Ph.D. Machines of protein destruction Stephen Harrison (BCMP)
Jan 08, 2015 Brendan D. Manning, Ph.D. Metabolic control of cell growth by the TSC-mTOR signaling network Danesh Moazed (Cell Biology)
Dec 18, 2014 Craig Peterson, Ph.D. Chromatin dynamics and transcriptional homeostasis Steve Buratowski (BCMP)
Dec 10, 2014 Ronald D. Vale, Ph.D. Reconstituting T cell Signaling Samara Reck-Peterson (Cell Biology)
Dec 04, 2014 Juli Feigon, Ph.D. To be announced Gerhard Wagner (BCMP)
Nov 20, 2014 Frederic de Sauvage, Ph.D. Targeting the Hedgehog Pathway in Cancer: From Bench to Clinic Adrian Salic (Cell Biology)
Nov 13, 2014 Thomas Schwartz, Ph.D. Taming a Monster: Toward the Structure of the Nuclear Pore Complex Piotr Sliz (BCMP)
Oct 30, 2014 Catherine Drennen, Ph.D. Shake, Rattle, and Roll: Capturing Snapshots of Metalloenzymes in Action Steve Blacklow (BCMP)
Oct 23, 2014 Cancelled No Seminar - 2014 BCMP Retreat
Oct 16, 2014 Cancelled No Seminar - 2014 Cell Bio Retreat
Oct 09, 2014 James Bardwell, Ph.D. New Chaperone Discovery Tom Rapoport (Cell Biology)
Sep 25, 2014 Russell DeBose-Boyd, Ph.D. Regulation of cholesterol synthesis through ER-associated degradation Tom Rapoport (Cell Biology) and HMS Office for Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership
Sep 11, 2014 Rebecca Heald, Ph.D. Mechanisms of mitosis and size control in Xenopus Davie Van Vactor (Cell Biology)
Jun 12, 2014 Jim Wells New Engineered Tools for Signaling Stephen Blacklow - BCMP
Jun 05, 2014 Peter Walter Unfolded Protein Response in Health and Disease Tom Rapoport - Cell Bio
May 29, 2014 Joan Steitz Noncoding RNAs: with a Viral Twist Stephen Buratowski - BCMP
May 21, 2014
David Agard Structural mechanisms of microtubule nucleation and prokaryotic tubulin polymerization Samara Reck-Peterson - Cell Bio
May 15, 2014 John Kuriyan Structural Mechanisms in CAMK-II Regulation Stephen Harrison - BCMP
May 08, 2014 Dan Gottschling Organelle deterioration with age: The limits of an interconnected cellular system Dan Finley - Cell Bio
May 01, 2014 Doug Melton Making Pancreatic Beta Cells George Daley - BCMP
Apr 24, 2014 Daniel Louvard Plasticity and repair of intestinal mucosa is mediated by actin microfilaments Spyros Artavanis-Tsakonas - Cell Bio
Apr 17, 2014 Robert Roeder Transcriptional Regulatory Mechanisms in Animal Cells Kevin Struhl - BCMP
Apr 10, 2014 Sandra Schmid Star-Gazing: Insights into the regulation of clathrin-mediated endocytosis from quantitative live cell imaging Tom Kirchhausen - Cell Bio
Apr 03, 2014 Yi Zhang Mechanism and function of dynamic regulation of DNA methylation by TET and TDG proteins Stephen Buratowski - BCMP
Mar 27, 2014 Steve Jacobsen Genetics and genomics of gene silencing Yang Shi - Cell Bio
Mar 20, 2014 Eduardo Perozo Structural Basis of Voltage-Dependent Gating in Ion Channels and Enzymes James Chou - BCMP
Mar 13, 2014 Ron Breaker Riboswitches, Ribozymes, and the Ancient RNA World Danesh Moazed - Cell Bio
Mar 06, 2014 Shelley Berger Epigenetic regulation of aging and senescence: and its not all bad news! Richard Gregory - BCMP
Feb 20, 2014 Jonathon Howard Ciliary and flagellar motility: From single molecules to collective motion David Pellman - Cell Bio
Feb 13, 2014
Dan Littman Shaping of host immunity by the microbiota in health and disease Bruce Spiegelman - Cell Bio
Feb 06, 2014 Judy Lieberman Bug Exterminators: A New Immune Defense Against Bacteria Timothy Springer - BCMP
Jan 30, 2014
Charles Zuker Receptors, Neurons, and Circuits: The Biology of Mammalian Chemosensation Adrian Salic - Cell Bio
Jan 23, 2014 Daniel Durocher Cell cycle regulation of DNA double - strand break repair Johannes Walter - BCMP
Jan 16, 2014 Sangeeta Bhatia Building Hepatic Tissues for Disease Modeling and Therapy Cell Bio Graduate Students
Jan 09, 2014 Christopher Hill Proteasome Associations Stephen Blacklow - BCMP
Dec 12, 2013 Susan Lindquist Yeast to human IPS cell discovery platform for protein folding diseases Sun Hur - BCMP
Dec 05, 2013 Samie Jaffrey Imaging RNA and RNA biology using RNA mimics of green fluorescent protein John Flanagan - Cell Bio
Nov 21, 2013 Mike Levine Mechanisms of transcriptional precision in the Drosophila embryo Davie Van Vactor - Cell Bio
Nov 14, 2013 Phil Cole Chemical Approaches to Understanding and Modulating Cell Signaling Stephen Blacklow - BCMP
Nov 07, 2013 Diane Mathis T cell control of organismal metabolism Bruce Spiegelman - Cell Bio
Oct 31, 2013 Michael Green Tumor Suppressor Genes: Mechanisms of Inactivation, Discovery and Therapeutic Potential Kevin Struhl - BCMP
Oct 24, 2013 Leemor Joshua-Tor Slicer and the Argonautes Danesh Moazed - Cell Bio
Oct 03, 2013 Adam Cohen Bringing bioelectric phenomena to light Joseph Loparo - BCMP
Sep 19, 2013 Xi He Understanding Wnt signaling in development and disease Andrew Lassar - BCMP
Sep 12, 2013 Ramanujan Hegde Membrane protein biogenesis and quality control Tom Rapoport - Cell Bio
May 30, 2013 Steven Bell Initiation of Eukaryotic DNA Replication BCMP Trainee Committee
May 16, 2013 Chris Burge Diverse Functions of Splicing Factors & Alternative mRNA Isoforms Richard Gregory
May 02, 2013 Jennifer Doudna RNA-mediated genome defense in bacteria Sun Hur
Apr 25, 2013 Tarun Kapoor Examining Mechanisms Underlying the Self- Organized Assembly of the Cell Division Apparatus Samara Reck-Peterson
Apr 11, 2013 Thomas Tuschl Characterization of Human Regulatory RNAs & RNA-Binding Proteins Danesh Moazed
Apr 04, 2013 Bob Weinberg Steve Harrison
Mar 28, 2013 Maria Carmo-Fonseca Fidelity of Gene Expression Tom Kirchhausen
Mar 18, 2013 Patrick Cramer Gene Transcription: From Molecular Movies to Regulatory Systems Stephen Buratowski
Mar 14, 2013 Joe DiRisi Strange Tails in Viral Discovery Tom Rapoport
Feb 28, 2013 Amita Sehgal Genetic Basis of Sleep, Wake Cycles, Control of Timing and the Need to Sleep Cell Biology Graduate Students
Feb 21, 2013 Walter Chazin Y. Dimitrova (Harrison Lab)
Feb 07, 2013 Jue Chen James Chou
Jan 31, 2013 Kathryn Anderson Cilia, centrosomes and signaling in the mouse embryo Adrian Salic
Jan 17, 2013 Scott Sternson Stephen Liberles
Jan 10, 2013 Rachel Green Kevin Struhl