Cell Survival and Cell Death

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Nika Danial

Nika Danial
Associate Professor of Cancer Biology (DFCI)
Associate Professor of Medicine (HMS)
Affiliate member of Cell Biology

The primary focus of our laboratory is to delineate cellular energy and nutrient sensing pathways, including metabolic checkpoints that integrate cellular survival and bioenergetics.

Junying Yuan

Junying Yuan
Elizabeth D. Hay Professor of Cell Biology

The research in Yuan lab is aimed at elucidation of the molecular mechanisms regulating cell death under physiological and pathological conditions.

Joan Brugge

Louise Foote Pfeiffer Professor of Cell Biology
Director of the Ludwig Center at Harvard

Our laboratory is investigating the cellular processes and pathways that are involved in normal morphogenesis of epithelial tissues as well as those involved in the initiation and progression of epithelial tumors.

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