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Tomas Kirchhausen

Tomas Kirchhausen
Springer Family Chair (BCH)
Senior Investigator, Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine (BCH)
Professor of Cell Biology

Our research focuses on the processes that mediate and regulate the movement of membrane proteins throughout cells.

Wade Harper

Wade Harper
Chair & Professor of Cell Biology
Bert and Natalie Vallee Professor of Molecular Pathology

Our laboratory studies the functions and mechanisms of the ubiquitin-proteasome and autophagy systems in cellular signaling and neurodegeneration using proteomic, genetic and biochemical approaches.

Yang Shi

Yang Shi
Merton Bernfield Professor of Neonatology (BCH)
C.H. Waddington Professor of Pediatrics (HMS/BCH)
Professor of Cell Biology

A major focus of my lab is to understand epigenetic regulation and its role in human diseases. Specifically, we are investigating how histone methylation is dynamically regulated as well as mechanisms involved in the recognition of combinatorial modifications occurring on histone tails that are important for chromatin regulation.

Marcia Haigis

Associate Professor of Cell Biology

The Haigis laboratory focuses on the molecular regulation of mitochondrial functions during aging and age-related disease. Our goal is to investigate how pathways that control aging, such as sirtuins, impact mitochondrial fuel utilization, bioenergetics and signaling. To achieve these objectives, we take a multidisciplinary approach that employs biochemical, cellular, and mouse modeling experiments to systematically dissect the mitochondrial pathways of interest.

Daniel Finley

D. Finley
Professor of Cell Biology

We are interested in the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway and related regulatory systems. Specific topics include the mechanism of the proteasome, ubiquitin-like proteins, antizyme, and nonproteolytic functions of ubiquitination.

Joan Brugge

J. Brugge
Louise Foote Pfeiffer Professor of Cell Biology
Director of the Ludwig Center at Harvard

Our laboratory is investigating the cellular processes and pathways that are involved in normal morphogenesis of epithelial tissues as well as those involved in the initiation and progression of epithelial tumors.

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