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The Kirchhausen Lab is seeking an energetic and highly motivated individual for an opening as a Laboratory Research Assistant to start immediately. The ideal candidate would be at the B.Sc./Master's level in biological sciences, biochemistry, chemistry, or related discipline.

The Kirchhausen Lab’s research program integrates results from molecular biology, structural biology, classical and contemporary cell biology, single-molecule biophysics, live-cell imaging, and ‘chemical genetics’ to describe complex cellular processes at remarkably high spatial and temporal resolution and achieve single-molecule biochemistry in living cells. The ultimate goal is to link molecular structure and mechanism with the physiology of cells and tissues. 

She/he is an individual interested in doing research that requires use of purified proteins. The goal is to enable researchers primarily working on in vitro reconstitution assays to obtain pure proteins that can then be studied with advanced imaging technologies suited for single-molecule biochemistry in their research programs.

This position requires 1-2 years of experience in performing analytical biochemical assays and protein purification.  Demonstrable working knowledge of gel filtration and ionic exchange chromatography, FPLC, spectrophotometry, SDS-PAGE and Western blot analysis is essential. 

Important for a successful appointment is a collaborative attitude with excellent written and oral communications skills, accurate record keeping and ability to follow instructions. Ability to work and communicate effectively with our team members composed of students and post-doctoral fellows will be essential. Preference will be given to individuals with an analytical mind, attention to detail, and organization skills.

The Kirchhausen Lab has 3 state of the art FPLCs, one MALS/HPLC, a Nano-drop spectrophotometer, plate readers, high speed centrifuges and tissue culture equipment for generation of recombinant protein in bacteria and insect cells. 

To apply, please contact:

Tom Kirchhausen
Professor in Cell Biology and Pediatrics
Springer Family Chair
Harvard Medical School/Boston Children’s Hospital
W. Alpert Building Room 133
200 Longwood Ave Boston, MA 02115 USA