Imaging specialist opening in the Kirchhausen lab

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The Kirchhausen Lab is seeking an energetic and highly motivated individual for an opening as Imaging Specialist to start in May 2018. The ideal candidate would have a B.Sc. or Master's degree in Bioengineering, Physics, Biophysics, Chemistry, Cell Biology or related field and possess appropriate experience with imaging in wide field, TIRF and/or confocal microscopy. Imaging experience in live and/or single molecule visualization is required. Proven abilities to maintain microscopes and build associated instruments are a plus.

This position requires the candidate to operate a revolutionary and state-of-the-art Lattice light sheet microscope (training will be provided) and work with students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty doing research that requires generation of 'high end', 3D light microscopy imaging data. Experience in a programming language is a plus (MATLAB, Python or C/C++).

The Kirchhausen Lab’s research program integrates results from molecular biology, structural biology, contemporary cell biology, single-molecule biophysics, live-cell imaging, and ‘chemical genetics’ to describe complex cellular processes at remarkably high spatial and temporal resolution and achieve single-molecule sensitivity in living cells and tissues.

The goal is to enable researchers primarily working on cell biology to make use of advanced imaging technologies in their research programs. She/he oversees the day-to-day operations and is responsible for maintaining the operation of the LLSM and associated computers, for providing hands-on help and assistance on an ongoing basis and for training users. Ability to communicate effectively with researchers with various knowledge levels in imaging technology and proven ability to troubleshoot are essential.

Please email if interested.